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Key Duplication

Key Duplication is available at all Meyer ACE Hardware locations.

Chip Key Duplication is only available at our Petoskey North and Gaylord locations. 

Key Duplication

We have over 300 different key blanks to choose from, allowing us to duplicate virtually any door, padlock, mailbox or file cabinet key. Often times even non-standard applications such as key-switches or cash registers use standard key blanks.

Chip Key Duplication

One of the major advances in automotive security recently has been the use of small-scale transmitters in car keys that communicate directly with the vehicle. These keys are designed to prevent the use of brute-force on vehicle ignitions by thieves, however they also make it harder for the owner to get a legitimate copy made. Originally auto-dealers had the market cornered for chip keys, but now this technology is more widely available.